Being a member of our unique family means that your baby will enjoy the intimacy of small group settings with only 5 children per classroom. We coo, cuddle, rock, sing and bond with your baby. Our specially designed infant rooms are places where babies feel safe, secure and happy. Personal cribs, changing area, and a “no shoe” policy for parents, all of which ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces. Through simple games like peek-a-boo, our loving teachers begin the foundational work for later learning.



Toddlers are busy little learners with lots of new things to explore. We specialize in channeling all that energy into activities that help toddlers learn and grow. Our toddlers’ accommodations are “just right” with tiny furnishings just their size. Toddlers have eager emerging minds that need constant stimulation in order to grasp the world of knowledge around them. We provide them with materials and experience to help them understand and communicate in ways most meaningful to them.



Dramatic Play
It is important to set aside time each day to come together and play. Where dress up and childhood dreams can come true. Pretending allows children to transform real life by changing things from how they really are to how a child perceives them. Dramatic Play is where the magic begins.
Math and Science
In this class children learn that Math and Science go hand in hand. Children in our preschool setting interact in many daily activities that allow them to learn cause and effect and the relationships between the two subjects. Through experimentation, matching and sequencing children form a better understanding of how Math is the key to our mind and Science involves and interacts with the outside world.
Whole Language
Books become a staple of life in this room. We emphasize the basic methods of phonics to teach reading and writing skills. Our computer lab also adds a nice touch to assist us in improving each child’s literacy skills through programs designed for preschoolers.
Romp Arena
A large classroom with a safe environment and a fabulous fun fitness program. Both indoor and outdoor activities designed for early childhood physical education. Exercise plays an invaluable role in the health of our children.
This is where the basics for learning music begins. Children receive an exposure to pitch, rhythm and a variety of different genres of music. This is a hands on interactive class room where everyone can join the band.

School Age

The sooner kids love to learn, the sooner they will, and sometimes individual attention can make all the difference. That's why our fully accredited tutors stress the importance of making learning fun to start your child off on the right academic track.
We have experienced tutors with impeccable resumes and referrals on our staff, so whether you'd like to arrange a one-time visit for help on a test or ongoing weekly sessions, our tutors can work around your schedule to best meet your needs.
Specializing in beginning reading, speaking and math skills in elementary education, we're proud to offer a full array of tutoring services for children of all ages and in all subjects. So don't settle for less when it comes to your child's education, give us a call today!